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Mt husband and I

When I wrote my first novel, Fifteen Going on Grown Up, I decided to publish it by using a self-publishing company. The downside to publishing this way was a limited number of copies of the book. I sold a lot of copies of this novel and it was received favourably with readers.

It wasn't just teenage girls who bought it either. Many adults, both male and female, discovered the story was reminiscent of their teens. But as I said, copies were limited in number. Therefore, for my next novel I published it through CreateSpace which meant the book was available as print on demand through Amazon. After some research I found I could then publish under my own imprint and so Sasmjadahoha Publishing was born. 

I am now writing a new book which I plan to have finished by the end of this year. It is an adult book and is a love story with a ghostly twist.

I will put more information out on this page nearer to publishing date.

Stephanie M Turner.
Author of Children's and Adult's Books

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