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Dana Lost 3D (2)

Dana Lost is a deliciously dark and dangerous young adult thriller.


Dana is lost and confused. All she can see is fog, thick and impenetrable. She has no idea where she is and no memory of how she got there. As her thoughts begin to break through the barrier of her mind, she remembers one person in particular, Hally, the girl she bullied throughout school. Hally, it seems is the only person who might be able to help her. But will Hally help? Can she even help?

A moving and emotional novel of one boy’s struggle to overcome adversary and be like any other teenager.

Daniel Brown does not like sport, any sport, but especially football. He prefers to draw and paint. Because of this his father Daz bullies and abuses him. His mother Kiki despises him because he is not the tough boy she wanted to give her husband.


Daniel struggles at school, has no friends and no one to turn to, until his neighbour old Mr Granger takes him under his wing. At the same time, Daniel’s Food Tech teacher discovers Daniel can cook very well and enters him into the Junior Superchef Competition. Daniel also meets Ella, a pretty, confident teenager two years older than him, who cares and supports him.


From then on Daniel’s life changes, and along with-it danger and pain, culminating in a dramatic conclusion.

Reminiscent of coming-of-age authors like Meg Cabot, Karen McCombie, and Judy Blume, Fifteen Going on Grown Up will resonate with teenage girls who are worried about their appearance - and their first kiss.

Making a fool of yourself in front of the boy you really like, being taunted by the popular girls and going through trials and tribulations with your best friends – all teenage rites of passage, and things Hally Mackeller, a young girl, is going through in Fifteen Going on Grown Up.


Hally faces all the ups and downs of teen life with her two best friends, Clia and Corrinne, dealing with her own emotions as first kisses evolve into real teenage sexual feelings. At the beginning of the summer holidays, Hally meets a boy called Wes, with whom she nervously embarks on her first relationship, despite him being three and a half years older than her. They have been going out for a year when Hally finds out a devastating secret, and other traumatic, painful, and sad experiences further test Hally’s emotional maturity and strength.


Stephanie M Turner.
Author of Children's and Adult's Books

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