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A Christmas Love Story


A story of love and empowerment.


Caroline Shelton’s long term, on/off relationship with Frank is about to become permanent as the wedding day comes around.

But will the nuptials go ahead?

And what of the young, very wealthy Gregory Taylor-York, Caroline’s new client.

Quintessentially English, alluringly handsome, and exceedingly sexy, Gregory is extremely hard to resist.

Caroline’s complex life is about to become more complicated.

As the days fly by and the new year begins, Caroline must make some important decisions and choices about her future.

Derby wakes on the morning of her fortieth birthday, which also happens to be her twenty-four-year wedding anniversary and finds her first grey hair. In that one moment she realises her whole life and marriage has been dull, loveless, and lifeless and now she must do something to change it.

Out Of The Grey is an erotic novel of one woman’s emergence from a grey mundane existence into a world of colour, where she embarks on a journey of self-empowerment, sexual discovery, and self-gratification. Where desire and love meet lust and raw sex, and where lies and secrets are uncovered in a climatic conclusion.


*This novel is a must for both women and men who enjoy reading explicit sex scenes.

Stephanie M Turner.
Author of Children's and Adult's Books

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