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I was born in Oxford on February 11th the youngest of three girls. I don't believe the year is important because many people have pre-conceived ideas about age, but to me age is just a number. The important thing is how you feel, and I always feel like I am still in my late teens and sometimes my early twenties.


I began writing when I was very little. My parents nurtured my love of books and my imagination from an early age. To begin with my stories were mostly composed of large incorrectly spelled words, lopsidedly scrawled on paper about princesses and their princes alongside crayon pictures. But as well as writing I simply loved to read, especially stories about action, adventure and mystery. So as I grew my stories changed, and I would fill page after page in exercise books of a girl having adventure after adventure. A lot of my ideas came from the summer holidays we spent in Weymouth, and the very creative and sometimes dramatic stories my sisters and I would put our toys through when we played.


As I entered my teens I discovered books about romance and at the same time my dad discovered North Devon. Our holidays to this wonderful part of our country inspired me and so again my writing changed. I don't know what happened to all of these literary creations, like many other people we lose things as we get older, and at the time they really didn't seem that important. But what is important to me is that they were the beginning and the root of my writing. I learnt a lot from them and though they no longer exist physically they are in my memories.


These days I live in a lovely seaside village in Devon with my husband and I write a balance of young adult and adult novels. The beautiful Devonshire countryside and the sea fill me with inspiration, so I always have a story to tell.



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