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By Stephanie M Turner, Nov 1 2016 11:30AM

Hi everyone.

I know it has been quite a while and for that I am sorry. It's been a very busy time.

Importantly, there is a new teen novel on its way. it is in the early stages but as usual with me, the whole story is in my head and just waiting to be written. The title is Lucy Rose. A Haunting.

I also have plans for a new adult novel and that too is in the early stages. I haven't quite finalised the title for that one yet. It's sort of rolling around in my mind at the moment.

Halloween was a full fun day, pumpkin carving with our grandchildren, a parade down the village and fireworks on the beach to conclude.

I have also signed up to https://tutora.co.uk as a private tutor, so if there are any parents or students who are looking for some private tuition, please look at my profile on the site.

Keep well and safe.

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