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New Term

By Stephanie M Turner, Oct 2 2017 08:31AM

Hi everyone.

The new term has begun and hopefully all of your children have settled back in. Regardless of their age, when they get home, ask how their day went. Most teens will say ok and try to escape to their room or social media. Even younger children will tell you they didn't do anything at school. Watch your child's mood, teens will flip at any time, but younger children often do too. However, now is the time to try and spot changes in mood and attitude and find out the cause.

Bullying is often an issue that children will avoid discussing. Parents need to try and spot it and deal with it. Talk to your children about the subject in general, even if your own child is happy and secure, others will not be. If all children, all ages, can discuss bullying openly and tell you about either their own experience, or if they have seen another child being bullied, then we all can get a handle on it and help put a stop to it.

Unfortunately, we will never be able to eradicate bullying completely. It happens all over the world and is not restricted to schools. It happens at work, in families, places of care and so many more. But talking and finding out is essential.

SECRECY is the bully's POWER. Encourage your children to NEVER keep this secret.

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